About our Platform

Food safety has become a primary issue for the entire food industry; from manufacturers to retailers, from small restaurants to global fast-food chains. Ever-more stringent legislation and increasing demands from customers make constant monitoring and full traceability essential. CZIOT solution covers both storage and transport and help to ensure compliancy with renowned quality standards.
Controlling the air temperature near machinery on the factory floor is essential; in others, gas must be monitored to keep compliance within authorized levels of concentration. Another important consideration for any manufacturing facility is how best to optimize processes, to reduce costs while ensuring quality. Manufacturing controls require continuous measurement of environmental variables, making this ideal terrain for CZIOT technology solution
A clean air supply is essential to our own health and that of the environment. But since the industrial revolution, the quality of the air we breathe has deteriorated considerably – mainly as a result of human activities. The issue of air quality is still a major concern for many urban cities across the globe. Many countries are working to improve air quality by controlling emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, improving fuel quality, and by integrating environmental protection requirements into the transport and energy sectors. CZIOT can be used to control public transportation and monitor environmental parameters in Urban cities across the world
Pharmaceutical products must be handled and transported under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Even the slightest increase in temperature while handling the products can lead to deterioration, invalid results and considerable losses in revenue. This makes permanent monitoring of these critical parameters essential. Many countries have published guidelines on Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the logistics of medicinal products for human use. Mapping, validation and monitoring of the Cold and Ambient supply chain are key to be in line with these guidelines. CZIOT solution help you to accomplish compliance with regulations , by providing certainty about the exact circumstances under which products or samples have been stored, handled or transported.
Any healthcare scenario requires controlling of critical parameters in various situations like Laboratory, Blood storage, Pharmacy, Kitchen. CZIOT solution enables monitoring of critical parameters across storage and transport.

Any scenario requiring monitoring and control of critical business parameters like distance and number of objects around the assets of strategic importance, CZIOT solution really comes in as a very dependable solution.

Our platform offers following array of functional features which brings in lots of competitive advantages to our customers:

  • Remote monitoring: Enables remote monitoring of parameters critical to your Business.
  • Raising business critical Alerts: Raises multimodal alerts through SMS, Email, Push in case of violation of any business critical parameters.
  • Configurable parameters: Enables configurability of parameters to enable your businesses to monitor multiple assets, commodities and situations.
  • KPI monitoring: Enables snapshot of your business performance using Key-performance- Indicators(KPIs)
  • Alert resolution: Enables your asset managers to resolve alerts through different modes and using an intuitive interface.
  • Location Based Services: Leverages Location of assets as well as asset managers to provide context sensitive data and thus improves the alerts turnaround time.
  • Multichannel interface: Enables monitoring and control through multi channel (Web and Mobile) interface which empowers people on the move.
  • Asset monitoring: Makes sure that your static (Warehouses and manufacturing locations)and dynamic (Containers and Trucks) assets health is monitored at configurable interval
  • Associated things monitoring: Makes sure that the things you are trying to monitor are maintaining and acceptable health
  • Device monitoring: Puts control in the hands of client side administrators to manage and monitors devices
  • User Management: Puts control in the hands of client side administrators to manage and monitors users
  • Escalation management: Enables faster alert resolution by making sure that right people are notified just in case an alert is not getting the attention it deserves.
  • Mission critical MIS reporting: Enables various system users to gain control through MIS reporting
  • Strong and insightful analytics: Enables decision makes to gain critical business insights through strong business intelligence and analytics

Our CZIOT platform offers following technological advantages which assists diverse businesses leverage next generation technology trends:

Sensor based data acquisition: Our solution deploys different types of sensors to acquire your business critical data through either wired or wireless interfaces. Some business critical parameters which could be monitored are:

S.No Parameter Unit
1 Temperature Degree celsius
2 Relative humidity Percent
3 Pressure kPA
4 Carbon monoxide (CO) ppm
5 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) ppm
6 Ozone (O3) dobson
7 Noise decibals
8 Oxygen(O2) ppm
9 Pressure pascal
10 PH mol per ltr
11 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) ppm
12 CH4 ppm
13 GPS location latlong
14 Luminosity watts
15 Speed Km/Hour
16 Acceleration m/s2
17 Angular velocity Degrees per sec
18 Distance Meters
19 Objects In vicinity +ve Interger

Edge Computing and data Streaming: Our strong team of hardware and embedded programming professionals make sure that sensors which are relevant and critical to your business are seamlessly integrated to the cloud backend. Also the situations which require edge computing and real-time analytics

Cloud Based Saas Model: The CZIOT platform is based on Azure cloud computing technology to offer a location agnostic Software as a service platform to our SME(Small and Medium enterprise) customers.

White Label Version: The CZIOT platform also offers a white label version for large enterprises which requires a dedicated instance for supporting large scale of operations.

Multimodal communication: CZIOT platform also offers multiple communication modes like Email, Web, SMS and Push to make sure that people responsible for smooth running of your business are always informed.