Cargozippers IOT platform assists diverse businesses to monitor their business critical operational parameters remotely. No longer does businesses need to deploy expensive resources to perform routine monitoring of business critical parameters.

Are you dependent on your employees to perform manual monitoring of your business critical parameters and still the probability of human errors is humongous ? Do you feel that the impact of any human error on your business will be nothing short of catastrophic? Do you have a tough time keeping a track of the current health of your assets and things which are critical to your business success? What is the current state of the commodity stored in my cold chain in terms of shelf life? Is my manufacturing location following the right norms on the ambient environment? Are the pharmaceutical drugs following the right parameters for safe consumption? Is my hospital cold storage following the right environment norms to maintain the right life time of the stored organs? CZIOT answers all these questions for you in the most convenient and cost effective way you’d ever imagine

Our platform leverages the next generation internet of things (IOT) and Social , Mobile , Analytics , Cloud (SMAC) technologies to let the businesses leverage the cutting edge technological trends.

Our CZIOT Platform is based on the following strong pillars to drive in operational efficiencies to your business.

Real Time monitoring

Get everlasting control over your operational parameters through a multichannel platform with user friendly and intuitive interface. Get time-critical alerts for preventive control every time any business critical parameter is violated

Industry Specific best Practices

Align your business parameters with industry best practices which reduces the probability of any damage to commodities or things you are trying to monitor. Lot of industry knowledge is built into our platform which is otherwise very hard to find and maintain.

Multichannel experience

We understand the need of your business to gain complete control while your people are on the move. Given your above requirement, we have designed our system to be multichannel to support monitoring and control through Web based and Mobile channels. The mobile interface will make sure that your operational people are equipped with all the necessary tools to enable proactive monitoring and control

Insightful analytics

Spot the problem area quickly and find the problematic parameters instantly. We blend innovative data science tools with research expertise to help you make decisions, make predictions, and make things better. Save money by increasing efficiency.